I don’t know that “Jamaica House” is what this house is called, I am just referencing the lime and lemon colors. This is a very vibrant house in Big Wave Bay, just a few meters down the path from where I live. The gate leads into a common court yard and there are several houses tucked away back there.

I met a graffiti artist today. A rare thing in Hong Kong as the lack of graffiti here testifies to. I have seen stencil spray art on walls, but I can’t recall and larger works in Hong Kong. I need to visit a different part of the city and see what’s going on. Does anybody remember the “King of Kowloon”? The guy who wrote out his family diary on the sides of walls/mailboxes/junction boxes etc.? That was really neat going around Hong Kong and Kowloon seeing his big paint brush strokes covering everything all over town. Great stuff.

I left for Shau Kei Wan. Had an hour to kill and did this drawing at the wet market near the MTR. Enough people stopped to watch that I had to pause and wait so I could see what I was drawing. There are worse problems an artist can have besides having an audience. So a big shout out to the home boys and girls in SKW. See you again in the morning.

I pulled out my copy of Mui Chong Ki’s drawings of Hong Kong yesterday and studied them for awhile. I am satisfied with my drawing style and am content to let it progress as it sees fit. But my paintings look too illustrative and need something more. I either need to paint faster and looser or spend more time resolving more details. This one seems in between. I’ll see what I can do to it later. I may need to take a couple of days to do a larger work. I think more gestural watercolors are needed until I get loosened up a bit more. We’ll see. Right now I’m hungry and am headed into the city to seek out some wonton noodles.

“Jamaica House” Big Wave Bay
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2 thoughts on ““Jamaica House” Big Wave Bay

  • December 6, 2010 at 9:36 am

    I always like your sketches. The colored one looks very different form my impression of your former paintings.
    I wish I could have time and energy to walk around the city and the nature and write and draw whatever I like.


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