I didn’t get out yesterday because of work deadlines. I felt empty inside: like I forgot breakfast. So it felt good to hit the streets today.

I started drawing in Fortress Hill District across the street from a colonial  meat packing plant. I meant to draw this building because the lines are so beautiful with Romanesque walls and a curved Chinese tiled roof. But, the street there is so narrow you can’t see the whole facade at once. I’ll try some other time and see if I can’t get access to the back lot.

Anyway, I drew this picture of people eating in an outdoor market. The store owners were very friendly and someone even brought out a stool for me to sit on. So a special shout out to my homies in F.H.! Thank you for the hospitality. After that I walked over to the North Point Ferry Pier to sit and rest (they have a public bathroom too). The Ferry Pier in North Point is underneath the HK1 Coastal Highway. I used the pier and legs of the overpass to frame the drawing. While I drew this picture a man caught a very large grouper with just a baited line, no pole. The fish was easily 2′ from gill to tail. He will be set for several days and was very happy. I left his foot in the picture for scale.

Tomorrow I’ll be drawing in Shau Kei Wan and follow the coastline to North Point. I am looking forward to a long drawing session. Look for me and say hello!


Fortress Hill and North Point
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2 thoughts on “Fortress Hill and North Point

  • December 15, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I just saw u were drawing at Wan Chai, a thought came out, do we have such patiance as you to appreciate our own city?

    • December 16, 2010 at 12:36 am

      I would not worry Mag: I have found Hong Kong people to very open minded and happy to talk about what I am drawing. I just think after a while people take life and the beautiful things around them for granted. I hope by drawing pictures that people will take a moment to look. That’s good enough for me. Next time stop and say hi if you have a moment 🙂


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