I took a trip up to the very top of Braemar Hill today. It’s a rough hike through thick brush and steep terrain, but well worth the effort. For those of you who don’t know how to get up there, take the 25, 25A, 25C or the 27 to the last stop up Braemar Hill Road. Hike around Chinese International School and take the small dirt path down to the drainage culvert. From there, follow the wash up until it connects with the Hong Kong Trail. And finally, take a sharp left up the dirt path (the one leading straight up). Look for the Ritz Carlton ribbons someone tied to the bushes and follow them towards the radio towers. It’s about a 20 minute climb from the bus stop, so take plenty of water. Be ready for the strong winds as well. I did this painting on unsized handmade paper with watercolors and a white pencil. It took about 25 minutes to complete. Tomorrow I’m going to the Hong Kong Art Museum to look at some works by Kong Kai Ming. He’s my new favorite artist (and he’s native to Hong Kong).

Top Of Braemar Hill
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