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I’ve been sick in bed the last couple of days and picked out this old drawing from 1995 to make up for my lack of recent work. This picture was drawn in pen-and-ink years ago when I first moved to Hong Kong. The Peninsula Hotel is very posh and Bill Clinton is known to have stayed there when he was president. The hotel is across the street from the Culture Center where many brides choose to have their wedding photos taken. The Culture Center by itself is a great building for looking at. Its roof looks much like a skateboard half-pipe and none of the walls are perpendicular to one another. The day I sat there and drew this, there must have been 6 separate wedding parties walking about having their photos taken. This particular bride stood at this spot long enough that I had time to work on the details of her dress, not just a quick gesture like most drawings of people in Hong Kong turn out to be. This drawing was done in the old days of real film, not digital. So I would guess her photographer shot close to a thousand photos. If you pay by the roll, that’s a great business to be in. Anyway, I hope to get out tomorrow and get back to work on present day concerns. See you then.

New Bride and the Peninsula
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