Following Kong Kai-Ming’s advice, I tried to loosen up a bit. (He says I’m diminishing my chi by thinking too much) I drew much faster and didn’t try to do much more than a gesture even though I was painting on large paper. I used a large 2″ brush and a #8B pencil. The brush worked fine for the paper size, but the pencil just can’t compete with the scale. This painting would be better if it were half the size that it is, letting the pencil mark play a larger roll. I also learned that painting this size is a real pain the the ass in Hong Kong crowds. It is too large to be able to paint anywhere other than isolated areas. That’s why I ended up on the pedestrian bridge. From here on out, I will cut my paper in half so that I can paint in my lap and still fit in the crowed market places. Wish me luck 😉



Shau Kei Wan Road
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