Shau Kei Wan, like most of Hong Kong, sits primarily on reclaimed land. The tram line across Hong Kong used to be the original show line. But now, sitting at one of the many tram stops, I am about 1 kilometer away from the ferry piers. This scene is of one of the side streets that goes straight up the side of the mountain to a large housing area. This particular stretch of sidewalk is full of cake shops and Western style bakeries. Besides cakes and sweet buns, there is also a large selection of meat pies and egg tarts. Needless to say, a very dangerous section for me to lounge about in.

While there is nothing unique about this location compared to anywhere else in Hong Kong, being able to have something to draw no matter where you sit is one of the great things about living here. There are so many dynamic shapes the problem is what to choose to draw. There are worse problems for an artist to have. 😉

Shau Kei Wan Road side street
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