Tung Ah Village seems to be a ghost town along the coast below Shek-O Road. There are about a dozen abandoned houses and one occupied house with electricity and a fresh coat of lavender paint. Needless to say, it stood out amongst the rotten concrete and huge piles of trash inside the remaining structures. I looks almost as if everyone decided to leave one day and chose just a few houses in which to pile up everything they owned. There are complete bed sets, sinks, fans, bowls and utensils, you name it and it’s piled in the living area of one of these homes. One house had a motorcycle with no handlebars thrown in the pile. How it got there is beyond me. It could have came up the short distance from the pier, but there was a steep set of steps and that doesn’t seem anymore feasible than coming down the side of the mountain. All that aside, must be a very quiet place for whomever is living there now. As an odd note: while I was drawing a city crew of 4 people made the 1 kilometer walk down the hill and swept the sidewalks and burned the fallen brush in the village. They made no effort to clear the trash, that would require a small barge to be brought in. But they certainly caught me off guard when they came around the corner of the house I was leaning against. Below are a couple pictures of the place. Don’t think I’ll go back. To much broken glass, jagged rusty metal and rotten concrete.

Tung Ah Village, Southern District
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