Had a few errands to run today, so of course I grabbed my sketchbook first, then worried about what I needed to take with me to do errands. So long story short: I forgot to bring my old passport to the consulate to receive a new one. Oh well. Now I have an excuse to visit Central again tomorrow and hang out. I will just be sure to pack tonight instead of early morning before my coffee.

Besides being forgetful, I had poor weather to deal with today. It has been rainy and a constant 7 degrees C (low 40’s F). Finding a dry and not so windy place was a real trick today. The O’Brien St. drawing was done under a pedestrian bridge. I ended up climbing into a raised bed of dead flowers to stay clear of the morning commuters. Worked out well all things considered. The bus stop drawing was done standing in the Shau Kei Wan MTR entrance A2.
01-12-11-skw-bus-stop Tomorrow should be a few degrees warmer and sunny. With luck I can do a painting. I’ve been wanting to paint the street artists at the Tsim Sha Tsui tourist area. There are half a dozen or so guys doing cartoon portraits of the tourists much like the artists of Central Park, NYC.

Cold and Rainy
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