Even though I live only 1 kilometer from the Chai Wan MTR Station, it’s about 10k by bus or car. Shek-O Road, the only way into my village, is a long, narrow and winding road wrapping around the Southern District. This view is from the Cape D’aguilar turn off: right where Shek-O Road crosses over the mountain and into Shek-O Village. It is beautiful to see Shek-O from here and it reminds a little of the Mediterranean. Hong Kong’s oldest light house is here and can be seen in the center of the painting and drawing. It is still in operation and during foul weather waves crash against the submerged rocks in a spectacular way. It’s also a heads up to surfers to get their boards out and head down to the beach.


I am still working hard at drawing faster and cutting down on the time I have to think about what I’m doing. I still have a tendency to fuss over some areas, but overall I think I’m headed in the right direction. My pencil line is still drawing attention to itself and not the subject I’m drawing, but Rome wasn’t burnt in a day. 😉

Cape D’aguilar Rd.
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