It’s official. I’m an outlaw artist. Someone to watch out for! While drawing at the ferry pier in Tsim Sha Tsui I was told by the hawker police I was not allowed to draw pictures and display my sign. The police were not concerned I had climbed the guard rail and was sitting with my feet dangling over the water. They were worried I was trying to make money drawing (which was very flattering and gave me a good laugh ;). They were very pleasant about telling me to get lost. And, in the end, I convinced them to let me keep my sign and continue drawing as long as I left when I was done. I made them take a business card and told them to visit my website in return 😉 Anyhow, here is the picture and sign that caused such grief:



my-signThe first picture is from beside Kowloon Park behind the mosque. The trees along the road are really spectacular. I had meant to draw at the museum, but the lush greenery wouldn’t let me pass without spending some quality time admiring it. So, this is my tribute to the trees left standing in the city. It didn’t hurt that the flower shop across from me smelled so good. The weather is beautiful and there is a song in my heart. Now back to work. Have a good weekend everyone! Here’s one more picture just because I was sitting there:


p.s.: the Fotanian Art Festival is this weekend in Fotan, New Territories. Follow the artblogHK link for info.

Outlaw Artist 😛
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6 thoughts on “Outlaw Artist :P

  • January 14, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Hey outlaw John-that’s very funny! I guess HK doesn’t allow street vendors selling their wares like in NYC?! Keep drawing!

      • January 15, 2011 at 11:54 am

        Hey I got a friend here! hahaha…
        We know the “interesting” parts of Hong Kong 😉
        BTW, I wonder how you manage the 1st drawing there,
        what I always experience in that area…
        people seems to be ignorant … or I was simply transparent! LOL

        • January 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm

          Hi B- good to hear from you. Would love an insider/artist tour of HK. And let me know where to look for your work. To answer how I manage drawing: It was mainly Mainland Chinese tourist who stopped to talk, and since I don’t speak Mandarin, I just left out a stack of business cards. But being transparent goes a long way when trying to get work done without being bothered. Count yourself lucky not to be harassed by police 😉

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