I did this drawing around 7am this morning. There was a heavy haze and it was around 10C out. The sun didn’t show up until after lunch. I went out to draw before I had my coffee, so I think that may have had some affect on the energy level of the sketch. But, that might have had some impact on drawing these boats. This fishing boat slowly cruised back and forth several times as I stood on the breakwater, and several container ships passed in and out of the haze. It was very quiet and only the sound of waves crashing and the occasional worshiper at Tin Hau Temple behind me broke the silence.

But, I am working freelance for the next couple of weeks and am going to have to just make do until the busy streak ends. So, expect to see lots of drawings coming from the Tai Koo area over the next few weeks. 😉

Morning Haze in Stanley
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