Walking to Po Wah Yun

This pen & ink drawing is from close by where I used to live in Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island. The hills around Yung Shue Wan are incredibly steep and the paths wind sharply around thick bamboo groves and houses. This is a path that is rarely used and it doesn’t really go anywhere in particular. Back when I had a bicycle on the island I rode to the end of the path several times, passing through 2 very small remote villages on the north side of the island, only to have to turn around and come right back. As an odd ball note: one of these villages was believed to be one of the 7 power centers of the earth by a small group of European hippies living out there. These guys were easy to pick out because of the tie-dyed clothing, long hair and they were barefoot in all kinds of weather. It was always a shock to the locals that the hippies wouldn’t even wear flip-flops in the wet market along main street. For anyone who is familiar with the half wild dogs, slaughtered pig remains and God knows what else on the road through Yung Shue Wan, walking barefoot is the equivalent of eating poisoned meat to see if you have the will to survive. Daring people to say the least, and not something I would recommend to anyone wanting to live a long healthy life. Remember folks, wear shoes where live stock is slaughtered and always wash your hands before you eat or after the bathroom. Words of wisdom. 😉

Walking to Po Wah Yuen
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