Yung Shu Wan from the pier

This painting of Yung Shue Wan was done last time I was out this way. I saved it for today because I’m busy getting ready to leave the country for a couple of days. So, bear in mind there won’t be any posting until next Tuesday when I return. Hopefully, I’ll have lots of fun drawings from Korea where I’ll be skiing the DMZ! Just kidding. I’ll be several miles from ground zero when I ski. Wish me luck. 😉

Anyway, I painted this sitting out front of the post office at the foot of the ferry pier. Lamma Island is mainly a tourist destination for day hikers. Most people land in Yung Shue Wan then walk several kilometers over the mountain to Suk Kwu Wan, known for nothing other than their seafood restaurants. And after taking this hike myself I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no houses in Suk Kwu Wan, only the restaurants with housing on the second floor above the kitchens. Matter of fact, I don’t think there are stores of any kind here either. I’ve never eaten here, but highly recommend the hike over. It’s very remote and well worth the effort. Pack plenty of snacks and water.

So, see you again for Chinese New Year next week.

Yung Shue Wan Village
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