Big Wave Bay Village is surrounded by two creeks that merge just prior to the village parking lot. Just for clarification, I’m calling them North and South Creek. The previous drawing done near my house was South Creek. These creeks are only about 75m apart, making the village itself divided into 3 meandering rows of houses. Where the row of houses merge along with the creeks at the parking lot, the village “center” forms around a small community room and village mailboxes.

In the rainy season the parking lot is prone to flooding. Currently the creeks are dry and stagnant. And just in the last couple of days the weather has warmed up to a very comfortable 21C. 21 is also very comfortable for the sand fleas around the creeks. So I take that back: the weather was nice but I was eaten alive drawing this picture. I won’t be comfortable until I remember to pack Off with me.

I am off to work in a moment. I’ll be going full time for another couple of weeks. So, look for faster drawings in the meantime. Perhaps gestures of my set lunch. ;P

Big Wave Bay Village, North Creek
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