Chinese New Year is winding down and most people have gone back to work. The beach only had a few stragglers laying about and most of the shops hadn’t bothered to open up for business yet. Today was about 80% overcast and a very pleasant 20C. Again, the bugs thought the weather was great, but I was one step ahead of them and doused myself in Off. If the weather stays like this I may never go back to work again.

Tower #2 is at the opposite end of Big Wave Bay tower #1 and is the trail head for the hike to Chai Wan. It’s a very steep climb the first 1k and it’s all stair steps. It’s a strenuous hike up, but even harder coming down as gravity brings you down faster and heavier than normal. But after doing this climb every other weekend I’m getting to the point where I can walk the next day and not limp. Soon I’ll be able to out distance the old women who do this hike every day. ;P

Tower #2, Big Wave Bay
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