Well, I did have time to get out this afternoon and went straight to the beach. The sun came out as I set up and my paint dried quickly while I worked. I forgot my sun hat and had actually taken it out of my bag yesterday. I will be carrying that with me now whether I need it or not. And, I’m picking up some suntan lotion when I get back to town. However, I was prepared for the bugs and was very glad to have some repellent with me. Those little black sand fleas were in a bad mood after being frozen all winter.

I sat below the prehistoric rock carvings out past the shark nets. Big Wave Bay is just one of only a few places in Hong Kong that has these carvings. The other place I have gone to see them in out at Cheung Chau (This links to Wikipedia. Scroll down to the right to see a picture of the carving there).

Tower #2, Big Wave Bay – painting

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