This painting was done along the causeway across from Victoria Park. Just down the way from here is the Noonday Gun, which is still fired off everyday at noon. The Causeway Bay Typhoon shelter is also known as the first property sold by the colonial government in private auction in 1841. Looking at google maps, you will see that much of Hong Kong is government owned. And much to most people’s surprise, Hong Kong Island is predominately park land. Nowadays government land sales are taking place up in the New Territories where new transit lines and business with the Chinese mainland has caused a population boom (and a spike in housing prices for the rest of us bunker dwellers).

A quick note about the paining itself. I had hoped for more definition in the painting, but after indulging in a night out eating nothing but street food, I’ve been laid out in bed for 2 days. I should know better than to eat so much of a good thing. 😉

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter – painting
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