Today I finally got down to the Tai Tam Reservoir. I have always enjoyed crossing over the dam on my way to Stanley but never had time to explore. If you have never gone this way, I highly recommend taking the #14 bus from Chai Wan and making the trip. Be sure to sit on the upper level left hand side. The view is breath taking. However, if you are afraid of heights, don’t take the this bus. It’s a very tall dam and so narrow that traffic is one way at a time, on an honor system basis (ie: the biggest vehicle decides which way traffic will go).

All that aside, this drawing is of the old pump station (lower left with chimney) and crew quarters (far right bottom) were built back in 1900-1907. And while the pump station still appears to be working, the crew quarters are chained off and not accessible. The housing complex above the pump station is part of Hon San (Red Hill) and hidden in the trees is Hong Kong International School. A beautiful location for Hong Kong’s most expensive school. This inlet around the pump station is also popular place for yachts at anchor. I will definitely have to come back to draw.

Tai Tam pump station – drawing
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