Well, not my best work. But considering my day, I’ll take it. Today was one of those days were everything went wrong. Luckily, everything that went wrong was just a nuisance: like misplacing my coin pouch and having to deal with the bus driver’s complaint of my large bills. or standing in line at immigration for 20 minutes before realizing I forgot to run by the ATM for the visa fees.

But, the weather has cleared up and is sunny and the humidity dropped to a dry 68% (about as dry as it’s going to be for a while I’m afraid). Despite the drier air, it was very hazy and it was difficult to see across Victoria Harbor from above the Catholic Cemetery in Chai Wan. With an hour to paint before I had to be home, I painted very loose and wet. I then drew on top of the watercolor as it was drying. The paint was dry by the time I had to pack it up in my back pack and get on my way. Nothing like an hour to your self painting to make all the petty troubles of the day go away.

Odd note: fell asleep last night dreaming of Degas’ pastel drawings. So I bought some today to make myself feel better. Look for something different tomorrow. Maybe very different. I haven’t used pastels in about 8 years.

Chai Wan from the cemetary – painting
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