This is not the usual work I do, but this idea of printmaking and mural painting has been running around in the back of my head for awhile now and I haven’t been able to concentrate today. So let’s see if this purges the system.

Basically I have been looking at Hong Kong as a series of repetitive shapes and I’ve been wondering what Hong Kong would look like as a tessellation or wallpaper pattern. Hong Kong, which looks very grey in a general sense, is actually very full of color. It just that the preferred color of paint here tends to be neutralized with a healthy dose of burnt sienna, giving everything a subdued feel. These combinations are unnerving to my Western tastes and it takes careful attention to duplicate them. I have often seen lime green next to grape and mustard.

The picture I did today combines the colors from one of my favorite color combinations across from Fortress Hill Station and the facade of the housing units in Sau Mau Ping Estates. I painted the stripes onto a piece of watercolor paper then ran the painting through my ink-jet printer. I see this pattern as a stencil that could be applied mass produced on a wall or building exterior. The stripes could be the width of a paint roller and the stenciled windows cut to scale. I’ll store this one away for another day. Now back to work. 😉


Sau Mau Ping Wallpaper – painting
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