The whole week calls for overcast skies and drizzle, but maybe that forecast was for some other part of the world. Today was gorgeous. One of those days that says “Winter is over.” And if I was still attending school I would skip class and head straight for the river. So I did the next best thing and went to Aldrich Bay to draw the boats at the typhoon shelter. I had originally went back to the Shau Kei Wan wholesale fish market, but got ran off by security. Turns out last time I was there they didn’t notice me. This time they made it clear I was not allowed. This is strange since this market is listed as a place to visit on the Hong Kong Tourist Association map. Hmm. A little lack of communication going on somewhere.

So I made the 5 minute walk to Aldrich Bay. Aldrich Bay in Chinese translates as “The Bay that Loves Discipline”. I don’t know if it is named such for the Coastal Defense Museum that was behind me, or the Marine Police Station located at the foot of the tall housing unit drawn in the left background. Perhaps it is named after the pirates that used to reside here at the beginning of the colonial period. I may have mentioned before: Shau Kei Wan hosts the first organized police force of the colony outside of Victoria (now Central District). Maybe some wishful thinking. Anyway, the police barracks are still in Shau Kei Wan at Lei Yue Mun Park, but a ticket is required to see them. One day I’ll fork over the HK$17 (US$2) it takes to see them. But for now I’m going to be cheap and wander the city for free. 😉

Aldrich Bay, Shau Kei Wan – drawing
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