I woke up to the rain pounding the tin roof of my house. A great sound to slowly wake up to. Even better: for rolling over, pulling the covers over my head and going back to sleep. I did neither. The rain passed by about the time I made my morning coffee and headed out to the bus stop.

I had planned on drawing at the Wan Chai Cemetery today but only got about halfway from the MTR when I came across The Blue House. How could I pass this up? With a full bottle of fresh mango juice and a couple of pork buns I set up shop and began to draw. This drawing took 2 hours not including the lunch break I took (Japanese eel set).  To get the view over the parked cars and vans I climbed up a cage surrounding some exterior plumbing. Some metal workers in the shop I was drawing next to didn’t trust my balance as much as I did. One of the workers handed a plank of wood up to me to bridge the gap at the top of the fence. This saved my butt a lot of grief. A big thanks goes out to the guys at the sign shop there!


The Blue House is built in an architectural style know as Tong Lau. This style is particular to Southern China in the 1960’s and this is one of a few remaining in Hong Kong. It is registered as a Grade I historical landmark. Click the link for more info on historical buildings in Hong Kong.

The Blue House, Wan Chai – drawing
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