Wow. Almost missed getting this one done today. It’s too humid to do this size painting without the air conditioning helping to dry things out. I can’t help but open all the windows and let the breeze blow through while I work. So, I’ll store away today’s painting as a time management lesson. the photo itself was shot with my iphone under a single kitchen light while I stood on a chair. Tomorrow I’ll replace the photo with a better quality image.

All that aside: this painting is of Hollywood Road and Pottinger Street, Central District. This is the same corner where I drew the police station. The reflection of the buildings caught me eye while I was drawing and I took a quick picture. I pulled out the photo today after I woke up to the rain again. It cleared up after a few hours, but not enough to make me want to go out today.

p.s. I decided to start plotting the bathrooms in Hong Kong. I believe it is set so that anybody can edit the map, so feel free to do so. Note: I’m not rating the women’s rooms. And, if someone knows of an app that does this for Hong Kong, please contact me. I’ll quit worrying about plotting bathrooms. ;P

Hollywood & Pottinger, Central District- painting
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