Another very hazy day. Might as well be foggy. The sun tried to poke through a couple times, but after awhile, quit trying. I arrived at the promenade around 9 this morning in plenty of time to see large groups of musical Tai Chi. I estimate about 70-100 people all doing “shadow” martial arts to Canto-pop music (Canto-pop is Western pop music sung by local singers and is know for its poor quality (by Westerners)). This particular group of people had a clapping routine that went along with the Tai Chi. But what really caught my eye was the women doing her morning exercises with a samurai sword in one hand and talking on a cell phone with the other. I know that talking on the phone and driving is dangerous, but this takes things to a whole new level of “bad idea”.

I found a comfortable spot along the promenade and set up my stool to paint. This view looks west to the flyover that goes around North Point. The large round top structures at the bottom left is the ventilation system for the MTR and the Eastern Tunnel. These giant fan units are about 4-5 stories tall and are the air supply for the traffic crossing under Victoria Harbor. The tunnel is about 1.5k long and even with the fans gets pretty polluted inside. I once rode one of those open top buses for tourists through the tunnel and almost didn’t live to see the other side. Note to self: take the ferry from now on. Much more scenic and you can always get a seat.

For those of you who have never been to Quarry Bay’s Promenade, this is the location of the fire boat Alexander Grantham. The boat is open to the public with free admission. The boat sits on stilts and you can walk around as well as through it. Nice photo history goes along with the boat. Take a moment to see it if you’re ever in the neighborhood.


Quarry Bay Promenade – painting
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