I woke up to a heavy fog. But that was the forecast for today. It was also supposed to clear out early on. But that did not happen. Instead the weather turned from a heavy fog to a smir (my new vocabulary word meaning a drizzle that doesn’t fall: Scottish origin). I started a painting of banyan trees and bamboo intertwined. But after an hour the first wash of paint hadn’t dried. Matter of fact: the paper seemed to get wetter as I waited for it to dry. No surprise there. The only surprise was that I thought I could pull off a watercolor today. It makes me wonder about all the Chinese Masters who painted those scenes of fog in the mountains. They must have worked from memory. I used my iPhone to snap a picture instead. I’ll see if I can’t finish the painting later today when I set my hair dryer to Max Power.

Now, instead of sitting and lamenting over the weather, I drew this picture of a small bamboo grove that was surrounded by elephant ear. And fitting to the weather, I used my newly discovered water soluble pencil. What’s funny is that I’ve been using this pencil for several months and never realized it was water based until I bought a couple more this weekend. Nothing like reading the label to know what you’re buying. I like the affect and will try to do this more often. It sure saves a lot of time when it comes to shading and keeps me loose at the same time.

Bamboo & Elephant Ear, Big Wave Bay – drawing
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