The boats in Sai Wan Ho are packed like sardines inside the typhoon shelter. And the junks that ferry passengers around had a steady business. The shapes of the boats and the affect the wind and tide has on them makes for a challenge drawing. As I sat looking at the boats they would suddenly swing around on their moorings in unison. It was peaceful to watch, which was good because the composition constantly shifted around. For a large part I just sat and tried to get a feel for the boats, then begin drawing without looking up from my paper. Not the recommended way to draw from nature, but when your subject is in constant motion you just have to go with it.

Weather today was heavy fog in the morning, enough so I didn’t bother to pack my watercolors. But by noon when I arrived at the pier the sun was out in full bloom. Would have been perfect for painting. Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to go home and paint at the beach. Life is often full of these kinds of disappointments. 😉

Sai Wan Ho Typhoon Shelter – drawing
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