This morning was picture perfect. Rich blue sky, big puffy clouds and a cool breeze coming from the north. I took off for Stanley Market on the south side of the island to draw the shops and people. I sat in the small sitting out area just before the round-a-bout and started drawing. It was fun watching the bussed in tourists mixing it up with all the locals who were out walking their dogs. All in all a very pleasant time. I went into the market to grab a steamed pork bun and iced coffee. When I came back out, the sky had turned grey and a light drizzle was falling. Shortly after it turned to rain. The clouds were low and here to stay for awhile. I remembered I had laundry out on the line and made a mad dash home.

An hour later I had my laundry in and sat down wondering what to do about my unfinished drawing of Stanley. I painted this from a sketch done a month ago of the Star Ferry. When I painted it, I looked out my window and tried to catch the feel of the day. Grey and dreary, but at the same time washed fresh.

I hope to get back to Stanley tomorrow and finish the drawing. But that will depend on the weather. 🙂

This is not Stanley Market – painting
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