I have always wondered why “reclaimed land” is called that. I’m sure I speak in ignorance, but isn’t it really just buried water? Anyway, I had busy-ness with immigration this morning and decided to draw more of the new MTR line being built. I sat on the east side of the convention center facing the Wan Chai Star Ferry. It is interesting to look at the difference between the east and west portions of this tunnel work. The west side, which I drew last week, is being built by digging a trench in the sand. The east side is being built by pouring sand into the harbor to leave a trench remaining. What a fun positive/negative space exercise.

There was a lot of activity going on in this part of the harbor to the point where I had trouble keeping up with the boats. Even the jack-up rig in the center of the drawing was brought over and secured place a matter of a couple minutes. Sometimes watching Hong Kong pass by is like watching a nature documentary in fast motion. It seems that every time you blink there is a new hive or new tunnel before you. Beats watching my lawn grow back in the US. ;P

Reclaiming Land – drawing
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