These temples are very hard to find if you don’t know were to look. I have seen many tourists following the signs at the bus depot only to be led in circles. And it wasn’t until I was getting a hair cut several months ago and drawing the Ngoi Man Street temple at the bottom of Aldrich Road that I glanced up and saw a temple flag poking through the trees. Even after I new the temple was here it still took ten minutes to find the trail head.

But wow! It was so worth the effort. This compound above Shau Kei Wan has 6 different temples, complete with life size tigers and a horse cast in cement. One temple is dedicated to a warrior. Along the wall inside is a rack of swords and battle scenes are cast in baas relief above the doors. The grounds are kept by a couple of friendly women who I found tending a small koi pond. They were happy to explain what everything was even though most of what they said was lost on me. Over all this was a couple hours well spent above the traffic noise down below. I drew this banyan tree that was overhanging the entrance. I liked the way the tree spiraled upwards with the buildings showing through the leaves.

If you plan on visiting note that the trail head is close to the Jockey Club methadone clinic and there are some shady people hanging around the park. Don’t pay them any mind as they won’t bother you and stay inside the park boundary. These are the same addicts I mentioned in my Ngoi Man Temple posting. God willing they will get the help they need.

Temples in Shau Kei Wan – drawing
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