At the base of the mountain in Tin Hau is an old housing area called Dai Hahng. For several block are 3-5 story houses, some as old as 70 years, which by Hong Kong standards is ancient. They are all less than 5 floors tall because they were build before elevators were cheaply available. For anyone interested in old houses in Hong Kong, this is the place. Many are colonial style with molded “stone” brick, archways and paned windows. It’s apparent that developers have had there eye on the area as expensive high rises are encroaching the neighborhood. It won’t be long before all this goes. It is so close to the MTR and has easy access to the express way that the rent has to be enormous. Currently, the business in this district is an odd mix of expensive Western style food and car/motorcycle repair shops. They definitely clash in style, and the people with the most money are going to win out. So, history buffs need to hurry.


Cannon Street is behind Sogo in Causeway Bay. I like this street mainly because they have so much yummy street food. Sui mai, satay, fish balls, sui yue tse, you name it, someone has put it on a stick and is cooking it here. I have never been here during the day as I like to eat this stuff walking around at night. At night the roads are blocked off to cars and buses, so I was a little surprised when I showed up at lunch and was confined to the sidewalk. I found a small space next to a shoe repair man and went to work. After I was done, I walked next door to one of my favorite places to snack. I don’t know the name of the place, but they serve slow steamed milk. After several hours of steaming the milk turns to a thick pudding. It is so sweet and creamy, I’m getting hungry again just writing about it.

So two drawings later and a full belly of good food I’m going to take a nap and enjoy the rest of the day. 😉

Dai Hahng and Cannon St. – drawing
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