With the weather turning for the worst over the next few days I got out pretty early and headed for Central. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat here to draw. I could double check, but I’m sure it was the summer of 1995. Back then there was a royal crown on the dome. That was the very first thing to go after the handover the morning of July 1st in ’97. The second thing the Chinese did was to chip the crown off the post office boxes then paint them purple or green. It was months before I recognized the mailboxes and was able to mail a letter. 😉

So, I sat in Statue Square to draw. It’s called that because the Queen’s statue used to sit here staring at the legislative building. She sat here as a way to remind the colonist who were in charge to behave and to maintain some kind of control over the early expats. She now sits in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. The only statue left now in Statue Square is one of  Sir Thomas Jackson. He was Hong Kong’s original banker and was the first CEO of HSBC from 1841-1915. While he stands in front of HSBC, he, like the Queen, also faces Legco. I guess he serves the same function as the Queen’s statue did: to remind the government who is in charge. 😉


Statue Square and Legco – drawing
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