Lan Nai Wan is a squatter village tucked away deep into Tai Tam Bay. There is no way down here other than by foot or boat. The hike itself is virtually straight down the mountain side and should only be climbed by people in reasonable physical health. Once halfway down, the steps become irregular and not well maintained. Use caution and some common sense. Lin Hok Sin Koon is the name of the bus stop to get off at. I did this quick painting knowing that most of my time available would be spent walking back up the mountain.


Once to the bay, there is absolutely amazing large Toaist temple in the middle of no where. It seems relatively new with polished woodwork and a fresh coat of bright yellow paint. I chose to draw the fisherman in the squatter houses across the way. Besides fishing, these people had a large garden and banana orchard going. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were raising some kind of animals as well. But, another safety note: they have large dogs who don’t like strangers. Be aware of them and give them respect.

img_0849I spent an hour and was on my way. It was very sunny and I can feel it. At least I have sunscreen. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Lan Nai Wan – painting
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    • April 9, 2011 at 10:43 pm

      Hi Aileen. This is a difficult place to get to even when you know where it is. And it doesn’t help the matter that the trail is sometimes a little dangerous with the large amount of trash strewn about. If Hong Kong allowed pepper spray, I would recommend carrying some to visit these places to fend of the stray dogs. Don’t take small children if you do decide to visit and carry a large stick. But, besides all that, it is very scenic and remote once you are there. Just use caution. Happy trails!


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