The weather is close to or passing 30C everyday this week. I know most people love the hot climate, beaches and sun, but not me. I’m a late fall early spring kind of person. I like wearing layers of clothing with lots of pockets to carry stuff, leaving my hands free. Now that it’s hot a don’t have a jacket to carry my iPod and pencils. And now my backpack is beginning to stick to my back from sweat. Bluh. But as long as I get out early I can beat the heat. Or, I can find places like Ma Hang Park in Stanley and sit right at the water’s edge and still be in the shade from the enormous banyan trees along the shore. Which is what I did today. Very pleasant, cool and breezy. And remote enough that I had the whole beach to myself. Not easy to do in one of the most densely populated places on earth. 🙂


Ma Hang Park, Stanley – drawing & painting
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