I have been asked to propose a mural painting for a retaining wall here in the Southern District. This had a lot to do with my Sau Mau Ping Wallpaper sketch I did last month. My inspiration comes from sitting on the streets everyday and staring at buildings all day. I am continually drawn to the patterns of Hong Kong apartments and often see them as fabric designs, or of course, wallpaper.  It is easy to look at so many buildings on no longer see places where people live, but instead a collection of colorful and tessellating geometry on a grand scale. The painting above is done with watercolors and colored pencils. I then Photo-shopped them onto pictures I took on location. If the client is ok with this look, I hope to begin painting over Easter. Or at least before the weather is too hot for the paint to cure properly. Wish me luck!



Retaining Wall Mural Painting – painting
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