I have been working hard to resolve the mural painting and need another day to finish the preliminary painting. So look for that tomorrow. In the meantime, I dug this out of one of my old sketchbooks from when I lived in Colonial Hong Kong. This drawing was dated 2 days before Prince Charles came to take the flag home. These life sized giraffes were made of polyester “silk” stretched over a bamboo frame and lit from within. They were very pretty and well made. All over Hong Kong various animal lanterns were placed in public parks. These lanterns were behind Legco. I enjoyed the naturalism achieved by the craftsman. There was a sense of humor to them as they “ate” the plants in the landscaped garden. I enjoyed even more that they decorations were not political. It was stressful enough before the handover without being pounded over the head with more posturing and politicizing. To celebrate handover morning the Chinese drove tanks across the border and truck loads of army personnel into Central District. Ah, nothing like tanks rolling through town to make you feel at home. But to be fair, the tanks themselves didn’t cross the harbor onto Hong Kong Island, only the army men. It seemed though that the pressure and anxiety quickly passed, and by the end of the day it was business as usual. It’s going to take more than a bunch of communists in tanks to stop the money machine in Hong Kong.

Giraffes in Central, June 27 1997 – pen and ink
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