The proposed mural from yesterday went very well and painting will start as soon as possible. Today’s weather was very pleasant, but far to wet to go out and paint. It has been raining off and on since late last night and doesn’t look like it’ll let up for several days. In the meantime, I am still looking for an assistant to help with the layout. Let me know if your willing to work for a free meal at Tong Kee. I’ll even pitch in a get you a drink to go with it. ;P

Because of the rain and other duties I had to pull out this spare drawing from last week to post on the blog. This drawing is of Murray House in Stanley and was drawn from the boat ramp below Tin Hau Temple. I called this drawing an ink wash, but it is really a water soluble pencil on handmade paper. The pencil is very black and lets me get down information quickly. Then with a few brush strokes I can lay down shading in seconds. And because very little water is used to get the shading, I can store this in my back back before I can finish my ice cream. It’s all about time management, you know?!

As a side note: I will posting my progress on the mural painting on this blog instead of working in town. So look for something starting next week. Should be exciting. Also, this coming Monday is Chinese Labor Day and a holiday and there won’t be any posting. And May 10th is also a holiday. Happy 2,635th Birthday Buddha!

Murray House, Stanley – ink wash
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