I feel as if I haven’t been out drawing for quit a while. Between working on the mural and the thunder storms passing through everyday, it looks like it’s been more than a week now. Today was supposed to be another day of storms, but I got a reprieve this morning and went to Stanley. This banyan tree is directly across the street from the tree I drew last month. I like sitting along this street because of the shade, but the rain has brought out the mosquitoes in droves. On top of that some passerby gave me a bad time about sitting too close to the roots. I guess all the trash shoved in the roots is there to protect the tree from me. And finally a premonition of things to come: it was so humid that my pencil began to dig up the paper. And try as I might I could not make a good dark line. I will also carry a towel to keep from sweating on the paper. I had to draw around those spots in order not to gouge a hole completely through the page. So what did I learn today? Don’t talk to strangers, bring bug spray, sunscreen, a towel and 1 liter of water per hour. That should do it. Tomorrow I’m going to draw inside the mall. 😉

Banyan Tree, Stanley Market – drawing
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