The weather for the weekend was forecast to be wet so I played it safe and did not begin painting the mural. My procrastination paid off as heavy rain came in Saturday after lunch. The rain came in waves of light drizzle that lead up to heavy bursts and back again all through Sunday. Last night another front came in and that’s when it really began to rain. I have a tin roof on my flat, and between the wind and the rain pounding overhead, I had to raise my voice to be heard from one side of the room to the other. On the path to the house the water ran over my ankles. And in the New Territories they have the Red Storm Signal raised (50+cm per hour of rain) and are flooding. This is supposed to continue till mid day tomorrow, then be fine to Thursday. But right now it’s just overcast and I’m going to get done what I can before the next wave. I will begin drawing out the windows in pencil once I post today’s painting allowing the wall to dry completely for painting on Wednesday. I have arranged for the final calligraphy to be painted Saturday. And that should do it. I have to say: I’m excited to see the windows go in because they are such a large part of the painting and will change the current look quite at bit.

Today’s painting is done from a sketch I did in Stanley last week. There are squatter houses scattered about, especially west through the park beside Murray House. The water outside of Victoria harbor is such a spectacular blue color. Wish it came in a paint tube. I saw no need to go hang out in the rain today so worked from home using a blow dryer to combat the humidity.

New: I’m going to tutor painting and drawing again here in Hong Kong. I have helped students as young as 9th grade to Master of Fine Arts courses. I teach everything from charcoal and pastels to watercolor and oils. I work indoors at home or out and about. If you are interested feel free to contact me for more information. Happy painting.

Monday Post – painting
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