Buying house paint in Hong Kong is easy enough, especially when I carry my Cantonese/English Dictionary with me. The “Right Word in Cantonese” even has the Chinese characters so when I completely butcher the language I have a fallback position. So asking for a dark purple paint that cleans with water is not a problem. Where I run into trouble is buying things like water-based polyurethane or fiber glass resin and glass fabric. Travel dictionaries were just not meant for people like me. Order dim sum? No problem. Ordering specialize paints? Problems. So long story short: I spent the day hunting down water-based polyurethane to seal coat the retainer wall mural. It’s special enough that it has to be ordered and will arrive by Saturday, just in time to wrap up the job this weekend and have it cured by the next rain storm. It’s also going to get very hot this weekend (+33C) and I’ll be very glad not to have outdoor work hanging over my head.

So, all that aside, I didn’t have too much time left in my day and did this quick scribble sketch of a tug boat in Victoria Harbor before jumping on the MTR and heading home. Tomorrow I plan on spending some quality time sitting and sketching after spending so much time working on the mural. See you then.

Tug Boat in Victoria Harbor – pen and ink
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2 thoughts on “Tug Boat in Victoria Harbor – pen and ink

  • May 26, 2011 at 3:39 am

    I love the freshness of this! Do you have any posts about the mural? It’s been some time since I’ve gotten on wordpress 🙁 I just finished my college studies, so I have time again 🙂

  • May 26, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Hi Asria. Congratulations on your graduation. And yes, I’ve got about half a dozen posts about the mural that go back to the planning stages. I think I started in mid April with preliminary watercolors. Click the title banner at the top of the page and WP loads a weeks worth of posts at a time. Hope the job hunt’s going well for you and don’t stop painting and drawing.


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