Special thanks to all the people who stopped on the Wan Chai pedestrian bridge to watch me draw today. So many friendly people I was beginning to wonder if i would attract the police. Or maybe it was coincidence I got this crowd since I was very close to the HK Art Expo which was right around the corner. Hmmmmm. Guess I can’t take all the credit. I will be going to the Expo tomorrow and let you know how things are going.

What a beautiful day. Little cloud cover, fresh breeze and around 27C. As I mentioned I sat on the pedestrian bridge right outside of Immigration Tower. Took me about 2 hours to draw this because I spent so much time talking to people passing by. Right after I finished I went and picked up the polyurethane for the mural, ate at my favorite noodle shop and got fresh mango juice at Southorn Park. This juice stand is the best in Hong Kong. They don’t dilute the juice with ice, but instead they freeze the juice to a slush right after they run the mangoes through the blender. Ahhhhhhh…..better than ice cream.

As a side note, I saw this new construction at the trash reclamation center. It appears that HK is making good on its promise to go green. The trash collection building has been outfitted with living walls. Yeah! The air is fresher already!


Gloucester Road, Wan Chai – drawing
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