After about 40 hours of painting over a month’s time, doing battle with ferocious mosquitoes and torrential rain, I finally finished the mural. I happy with how things turned out and it certainly added some color to the pathway. And while it’s hard to tell from the photos, the colors complement the flowers growing along the top in a really nice way. Now all I need is something else to do. But after visiting ArtHK11 yesterday I had a few inspirational visions as I drifted off to sleep last night. I dreamed I was painting large pieces like the murals I did in some theater productions over the years. I think I can work out a way to do some large canvases by building a platform out in the back yard. Then I can staple canvas directly to the platform and produce some 8′ x 8′ paintings without too much trouble (he says).

Retaining Wall Mural FINISHED!
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