Today is the dragon boat festival. And the weather is perfect with a good breeze and big puffy clouds to offer some intermittent shade. (to learn more about the dragon boat festival and history click here) Now I did not go to the races because there are just so many people you can pack onto a waterfront before the front row gets pushed in like involuntary lemmings. Instead I went down to Big Wave Bay Beach close to my home to paint. But it seems that those people who didn’t go to the races came to Big Wave Bay. You couldn’t see the beach for the blankets and umbrellas. Not only that, but, parking was so bad that cars were turned around 1k away at the Shek-O round-about, then sent 5k over the mountain to park and wait for a bus to bring them back down. Wow. Welcome to summer. I learned a lesson today: get out of the village early if you need anything and don’t even try to get a bus back home till late. Happy Painting!

Dragon Boat Festival – Holiday
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