Hong Kong got a slight reprieve from the stormy weather of the past two days so I ran to Mid-Levels to paint. Not so much because I wanted to paint there as I had a coupon for a restaurant in the area that I had to use. But, just because it wasn’t down pouring rain or gusting gale force winds doesn’t mean it wasn’t hot and very humid. I sat above the markets on Graham Street early. Graham Street is very steep and full of various street stalls. More than once my paint palette began to slide away down the slope. I did my best to paint with one foot on my palette and the other keeping my water container upright. When I first sat I was in the shade and a breeze kept me cool, but by 11am it was pretty uncomfortable. I couldn’t use lots of water on my painting either because it wouldn’t dry easily because of the high humidity. I’m going to stop and get some fresh mango juice, use my coupon and run as fast as I can back home to my air-conditioning.

Graham St. – painting
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