The weather has remainder constant over the last week. By that I mean you can’t count on it to be predictable. It was hot and humid when I left home and began to rain by the time I got into town. I found a good place to sit under the overpass on Canal Road. About ten minutes into the drawing the sun came out along with another strong dose of humidity. The drawing is of the street market. There isn’t anything too special about this market other than I could draw here without being rained on or run over. Good enough for me! However, not shown in this drawing are the shoe beating ladies who also sit under this overpass. I don’t have another name for these ladies, but call them this because of what they do, which is this: They put evil curses on whomever has done you wrong. Bring them a photo of the person you wish to harm, and they will beat the photo with a shoe and cuss at it. These women get quite busy towards the end of the day and sometimes I have even seen a line form to employ their services. So don’t be late. Get them early while they still have the energy to rant and rave and really give your photos a beating. All that aside, today I’m headed to Windsor House for Vietnamese noodles. Good way to end the day.

Canal Road West market – drawing
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