On Laurd Road, directly behind the bleachers, is the best fresh juice in all of the SAR. And the best place to sit and drink this juice is on the upper row of the bleachers along Johnston Road. From there you can sit in the shade and watch the trams go by as well as catch a football game among the lunch time crowd. Across the football pitch is the Wan Chai MTR station and a few public service agencies; planned parenthood and a methadone clinic to name a couple. The walls of the government building are like a battleship. They are flat panels painted grey and it is very monotonous except for one section which has mirrored windows. I always enjoy looking at the windows and seeing how the distortions flow from one square to the other. And they are framed so well by all the grey paneling. I enjoyed painting this one. The juice was great too.

Southorn Park Windows – painting
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