1st Ferry Break Down

First and foremost, let me say that I will no longer be able to produce a drawing and painting a day as I have been. And I only have a full time job to blame for this. It’s too bad we have to eat to survive, not just for entertainment, otherwise I would just wonder the earth as a bohemian painter. But sadly, that is not the case. Hence my proper employment. I will however continue to do drawings and paintings of Hong Kong, just on a weekly basis instead of daily. On another note: Billy Potts of the blog “Dan Tat Monster” interviewed me regarding my art and was very kind to make my meanderings meaningful. Thanks Billy! You can read the article and follow the Dan Tat Monster at: http://www.dantatmonster.com/2011/07/23/john-hobbie-painter-of-hong-kong/ And now, but to your regularly scheduled program:

A funny thing happened to me on the way home the other day. By other day I mean the summer of ’97. I painted this while riding the ferry to Lamma Island. I recall running hard from the Central MTR station and just made it to the gangway as the reverse engine steam whistle blew. I was so happy to make the 4:35 ferry (outer island people live and breath by the ferry schedule as the boats are few and far between). I had settled into my bench seat with an ice coffee and was contently watching Green Island pass by when suddenly the boat got quiet. The constant rumbling from below decks ceased and it was very clear we were adrift. No one was worried or upset and we assumed we’d be on our way shortly. After an hour  of drifting west we saw the 5:30 ferry coming around Victoria Harbor. Hooray! we thought. For certain they would tie up to us and take us home. You could here a communal moan as the ferry went right passed. We waved to our friends on the passing ship then went back to our seats dejected. Long after that a tow boat came and tied up to us and towed us to Yung Shue Wan. It took another hour to be towed, or at least long enough to draw, paint and then watch the watercolors dry before we got to dock. A long day to say the least. And it gave me more time than I cared for to contemplate the irony of running to catch this ferry. Peace.

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