Today was hot but not too humid. After lunch I headed down to the beach to paint. With the summer afternoon heat I bothered to rent an umbrella. The umbrella was a good move because every bit of shade was crowded with very young kids and grandmas and grandpa’s. Not only that, the main beach was so crowded that the only place to put my umbrella was below the high tide line in the damp sand. The beach was packed. If it weren’t for the fact that I parked myself next to the rocks around the life guard stand, my view of the beach would have quickly disappeared behind the incoming bus loads of tourists. Next week I’m getting out before the crowds and heat.

Those of you who have been following me will recognize life guard tower number 1. I must have painted this tower a dozen times now in all different kinds of light. I love this pile of rocks and the fact that there is a snack bar and public restroom on the edge of the beach is a great relief. When painting for a couple hours, this becomes very important. 😉


Hot and Sunny Sunday – painting
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