As I promised myself over new year, I’m going to get out and draw and paint more. And with the weather as beautiful as it is today, I’d be a fool to stay inside and stare at a computer screen. I drew this tree at lunch today in the Adventure Land portion of HK Disney. I am beginning to realize just how difficult it is to find a seat and draw in an amusement park. To begin with, it’s very crowded. And secondly, it’s get’s more crowded as time goes on. So I hugged a fence rail and took a little time to turn my back to the throngs of people and draw a tree. I didn’t capture the spiral motion of the trunk the way I had hoped, but had a good time taking in the warm sun and the smell of hot caramel popcorn. Think I’ll get some ice cream though. mmmmmm…….. ice cream.

Banyan Tree in Adventure Land
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