I am absolutely blessed to escape the heat in Hong Kong and spend some time in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. I’ve been traveling to Eindhoven, Netherlands for work over the last few months and have had some free time to myself to draw. These two drawings are from the same location, but several weeks apart. Both times I was seriously jet lagged. The second attempt yesterday was better than the first time I tried to draw here, but not by much. These drawings were both done in the centre of Eindhoven near the university campus.

Anyhow, starting today I have a week of holiday to do nothing but paint and draw. Very exciting stuff, so stayed tuned.

Jetlag and Drawing in Holland
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One thought on “Jetlag and Drawing in Holland

  • August 31, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    It is a really beautiful drawing of Eindhoven. I just visited it too and posted about it and just came back from Hong Kong over the summer too! Come visit my blog and read more !
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