Amsterdam construction

I was up before the sun with my sketchbook and headed into Amsterdam Central. It has warmed a little in the last few hours so I could feel my fingers when drawing.

This sketch is of a construction site along the canal. Barges of sheet piling and concrete blocks were lined up along the banks. The crane was up and running in a matter of minutes. And by the time the sun was high enough to see color the crew was lifting pallet after pallet into the gap between the houses.

Last night it was drizzling and I left my sketchbook behind. I regret it later. It was very beautiful out and and a chilly 9 Celsius. But the tourists have all but left and I had the streets to myself. I guess it’s for the best I didn’t draw. I might have froze sitting still.

Need to dress warmer when I come back in December.

Morning stroll in Amsterdam
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